Coding projects

Shader Box

HLSL shader editor and library tool, supports all five shader stages of the DirectX pipeline.


Unity: Wildfire

Group project, you control a firetruck and are tasked to protect your city from fires and beehives.


Unreal Engine: Cascade Extender

A plugin for Unreal Engine, that adds new modules to its particle system.


Poisson Disk Sampling for Unreal, Unity and 3DS Max

Plugin for distributing objects with the Poisson Disk Sampling algorithm.


Blender: LDraw Importer

A Python plugin for Blender to import models stored in the LDraw file format.


VSIX: Audio Feedback

A Visual Studio Extension to provide audio feedback on build events.


Art projects

3DS Max: Rigging

A mechanical rig containing FK and IK.


3DS MAX + Substance Painter: PBR workflow

Modelling, normals baking and PBR texturing.



Tools Developer: C#, C++, XAML, MVVM

Name: Kevin Loddewykx
Nationality: Belgian
Birthdate: 9 December 1993
  • Professional Bachelor: Digital Arts and Entertainment, Game Development

     HOWEST University College, graduated magna cum laude June 2018

  • Professional Bachelor: Applied Informatics, Application Development

     PXL University College, graduated cum laude June 2014

Fields of interests:
  • Tools Development
  • Engine Programming

As a tools developer, I see myself as someone where other teams can trust on to support their work by creating and improving tools. Figuring out together with them on how and where the pipeline can be enhanced, where the editor can be extended to integrate new features, and so on. Or proactively research and develop new tools and improvements.

I am also someone who is eager to learn from everyone around him, and not scared of conveying my own knowledge to others.

One of the reasons why I decided becoming a tools developer is because of the immediate feedback from the users. Seeing them smile, and knowing that I made their job possible or just easier really brightens my day.